Deleted Picture Recovery:-Supporting Photo File formats:-

Do you want to recover deleted photos? Have you lost your favorite photos and tried several ways but unable to find the effective ways to recover deleted photos and images? Digital cameras have been designed to shoot your memorable moments whenever desired. The images can easily be stored on memory card. Actually different cameras uses memory card of various kind to store large number of images. The best part of the digital cameras is that the user can easily delete the stored images when the drive gets full by simply trashing or deleting the images. However, in attempt to do so, sometimes the user may end up deleting the memorable pictures. If this the cause of concern for you? Well, then don't worry as deleted photo recovery on different Camera Models is now possible with most powerful and advanced deleted photo recovery Software.


Lets have a look at some causes of loss/deleted photos:

  • formatting of hard drive, memory card and storage media
  • abrupt pulling of the memory card without switching off the power
  • sudden loss of power supply
  • virus corruption
  • damaged or corrupted memory card

Deleted Photo Recovery Software:- Supporting Photo File formats

The Autoamtic deleted photo recovery tool is the best solution for recovering deleted or lost images including several video file formats on Mac and Windows from the digital cameras. Today different digital cameras uses different file formats and file extensions such as JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PNG, WMF, ORF, CR2, PSD, DNG RAF, ORF, CRW, RAW, NEF, ERF and other similar formats or extensions. With the use of tool, you will be able to restore corrupted memory cards pictures easily in quick and simple steps. The tool also allows you to retrieve inaccessible Audio formats like WMA, WAV, AAC, OGG. So, whatever the file format is supported by your digital camera models, simply use the software to recover the lost and deleted image files.


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